Our devices are made for your safety

Over recent years reports that have been compiled from various road accidents across the country have shown that a lot of accidents that occur, happen as a result of too much speed by commercial drivers. Despite speed restrictions across the roads, adhering to this limits have proved to be somewhat of a stumbling block, hence the Marbash speed limiter devices.

This devises are fitted to the vehicle, onto the dash board so it’s visible to all concerned and it is connected to the vehicles gear box so as to monitor the speed of the vehicle.It is tamper proof as well as able to collate necessary data for the vehicle owners.

Our highly trained technicians will install the speed limiters in a professional courteous manner.

All our devises once installed are logged on to the FRSC database and a certificate is issued to validate authenticity of the device.

Recertification is mandatory yearly for a small fee. Vehicles are once again calibrated to make sure the Marbash Speed Limiter works effectively.

Our speed limiters can be used for both manual and automatic vehicles.

Marbash Speed Limiters, safeguarding lives on Nigerian roads, are available nationwide.

Speed limiter features

  • Nano
  • Easy to install
  • Unique up-to-the-second speed recording
  • Quick speed-record retrieval
  • Smooth (jerk-free) speed control
  • Harmless to Engine systems (does not interfere)
  • Certificate issuance after installation
  • FRSC Compliant
  • Suitable for all types of motor vehicles

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