About Marbash Nigeria

We are one of the few accredited speed limiter installers in Nigeria. This license for us is an honor to be one of the few companies tasked to restore safety on our highways in Nigeria. Speed is killing our dreams, shattering our visions, and changing the course of families from joy to pain due to misjudgment and driver error which could have been averted, but in many cases are not able to, leading to fatal crashes. Due to the recent FRSC mandate that all commercial vehicles should have a vehicle speed governor installed or face being penalized by the Federal Road safety commission, Marbash Nigeria is positioned to help companies that are seeking to install all types of speed limiters in their vehicles.

Our Devices

Special Design

Our devices are designed with modern day aesthetic standards. As an in-car device, our devices fit perfectly in place.

Tamper Proof

Because our devices are fitted to the vehicle dash board and it is connected to the vehicles gear box, any tampering is recorded as it triggers an alarm.

Tracking Compatible

Our devices have the capacity to track vehicle statistics making them multi functional devices made to serve you.

Best Quality

Our Devices are fitted with the state of art operating system – S control allowing for more interactive usage.